NZKC Accredited Tail Banders Scheme

All matters to do with Accredited Banders are now being managed by the NZ Council of Docked Breeds

The New Zealand Council of Docked Breeds (NZCDB) now manages all aspects of the Accredited Banders' Programme. The NZKC remains responsible for the auditing of this scheme.

All accreditations granted by the NZKC were automatically revoked on 1 October 2012. At that time all current or intending accredited persons should have paid their renewal fee to the NZCDB and have met any conditions imposed by the NZCDB for the renewal or maintenance of their accreditation.

The NZCDB will have contacted all current accredited banders and advised them whether their accreditation was satisfactory, or if there were other conditions they must have met to have remained accredited with effect from 1 October 2012.

Only persons whose accrediations have been approved or ratified by the NZCDB have been recognised as accredited banders on or after 1 October 2012.

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